Brenton & Irina are leading the Relief Runners as they train, prepare, and run the 2019 New York City Marathon on November 3rd to raise money for a brand new customized Relief Bus. How can you help the Relief Runners reach our goal of $190,000 to purchase a brand new customized Relief Bus?

Sponsor STEPS

Our runners are counting on your support every single step of the way! To reach our goal, this team of Relief Runners needs to raise $10 for every step they take on race day. Can you step up and give today?

$10 = 1 step

$50 = 5 steps

$100 = 10 steps

$250 = 25 steps

Sponsor MILES

Our Relief Runners will be running a total of 26.2 miles on race day-- which is close to the distance it takes our Relief Bus to travel one-way to an outreach to serve our friends on the street! 

$1,800 = quarter mile

$3,600 = half mile

$7,200 = 1 mile

$104,400 = 14.5 miles 

This is the distance of 1-way Relief Bus trip to Thursday's Relief Co-Op Outreach location.

$144,000 = 20 miles

This is the distance of a 1-way Relief Bus trip to Wednesday's Relief Bus Outreach location.

Honor Roll


Carol Blanchard
Sep 23, 2019
Michigan, United States of America

“So GRATEFUL to Brenton and Irina for their commitment and enthusiasm! What a great team - go Relief Runners!”


Robert Thompson
Oct 2, 2019
North Carolina, United States of America


Oct 4, 2019
New Jersey, United States of America


Darryl Gerndt
Oct 10, 2019
Pennsylvania, United States of America


Tenny Chin
Oct 11, 2019
New York, United States of America


Alisha Uccardi
Oct 12, 2019
New Jersey, United States of America


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Brenton Blanchard


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