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New York City Relief compassionately serves the struggling and homeless by offering hope and resources that lead toward life transformation.

We connect people to resources. We meet immediate needs by offering soup, nread, hot chocolate, hygiene kits, socks & prayer. We meet long-trm needs by connecting guests to emergency shelter, job programs, detox, and drug rehabilitation centers. 

We are consistent. By going to the same locations every week, our staff and volunteers are able to build trust, encourage relationships and fosters community.

We are mobile outreach to the homeless. Our mobility allows us to go where the need is the greatest. In order to meet this need, we operate two outreach models:


LIFE CARE VISITS are why we do what we do. These one-on-one meetings allow a member of our trained staff to make an assesment and develop an individual action plan for each guest needing hope and resources.

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